Monday, June 8, 2015

Health 9 - Final Assignment Questions

1. How has your knowledge and understanding of drugs* changed since you have participated in this health course? *Drugs Unit: (Use and abuse of Tobacco, Alcohol, Marijuana, Meth, Heroin, Cocaine, Tranquilizers, LSD, mushrooms, Opium, Morphine, addiction, short-term and long-term effects of drugs, changes in relationships and lifestyles, drug laws)
     Honestly, I feel like I am more prepared to face situations in the future. When I entered health class I already had a vague understanding of illicit drugs such as marijuana and cocaine from past lessons, but I feel this year we were able to take a more realistic and personal look into how drugs can truly affect our lives.

2.  How has your knowledge and understanding of STDs and contraception** changed since you have participated in this health course? **Reproductive Health Unit:   (Different types of STDs, how to do STD testing, different types of contraception, how to use them, how to put on a condom, etc.) 
     I honestly had never been taught about contraception before and I feel that I now have a more open view on what it is and how to sue it. I think that the lessons have taught me that sex is not just between two people, but a personal choice that has necessary and difficult choices (condoms, abstinence) that come into play that one must consider carefully always.

3. How has your knowledge and understanding of relationships***, changed since you have participated in this health course? ***Relationships Unit: (Healthy/unhealthy/abusive relationships, stress, depression, choices in sexual relationships, age of consent, coercion, keeping things cool, pressures for sex, being ready or not for a sexual relationship, recognizing abusive behavior, sexual assault, date rape drugs). 
     This is one topic that i was fairly sure I knew most about, but I was wrong. This year's health class really changed my perspectives on how teen relationships work and that their pace and rhythm is different for everyone. It taught me that respect is vital for every relationship and that pressuring someone to do something they don't want to, such as have sex, is harmful and counter-beneficiary. 

4. Choose one core value and explain how it represents your learning in the HS health course.
   One corevalue that really describes my learning in health class this year would be balanced. I feel that the course had a certain harmony in bringing into each subject interesting and different topics of discussion and balancing them perfectly throughout the year.   

5.  What have you most enjoyed about this course?
     I think I honestly enjoyed the open atmosphere the most. I felt like it was the only class I could openly talk abou these important personal choices in and this really helped me gain confidence not only talking about them, but also carrying them out in a safe, smart way.

Health 9 - Final Health Assignment Portfolio Blog Post

1. Find a news article/news video clip on the internet that is about a drug issue from your country of origin/a country you have lived/or your ethnic community. The news item could feature a famous person. Or, the news item could be about the police finding drugs, a drug raid, violence that has occurred because of the drug, etc. The news report or video, can be in any language! (English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, etc.)

 2. Link the news item to your blog. (Either link the youtube video, or share the link of the video/news article report on your blog entry)

 3. Below the link of the video/news article, answer these three questions about the news item:

      1.What drug is being reported on?
The drug that is being reported on in this specific news article is the stimulant cocaine. 

      2. Write a basic 3 sentence summary of what the drug report is about.
     A small aircraft had crash landed in May off the coast of Colombia. The flight records state that the illegal cargo plane left Venezuelan airspace and was headed for Central America. The local authorities located the debris of the plane and were able to locate the illicit substance, cocaine, in what was left of the plane which was almost completely destroyed.

      3. How do you feel this drug has affected your community/society/country?
It honestly terrorizes me that this is a problem in my country, although it does not surprise me. In the complicated political state that Venezuela currently is in, there is little time devoted to the stop of illicit drug exportation. Also, Venezuela has the unfortunate luck of being surrounded by Andean nations which are large producers of cocaine and it's under-developed state makes it easy for drug lords to profit from it.