Monday, April 13, 2015

Social Studies 9 - Declaration of Rights Question Classwork

Which Would You Choose:  After studying the French National Assembly’s “Declaration of the Rights of Man”, you hopefully noticed that it reads sometimes like the Declaration of Independence and sometimes like the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.  Knowing that both of them were designed to promote Enlightenment ideals, which would you prefer to have if you were starting a new government?

Honestly, if I were starting a new government I would undoubtedly advocate for the immediate protection of the citizens natural, essential rights therefore vouching for the Bill of Rights rather than the Declaration of Independence. Assuming the new government is starting completely from scratch I think that a Bill of Rights is much more important than a Declaration for 3 main reasons. The first of which being that the people is the main priority of a government following the guidelines of genius enlightenment philosopher John Locke, who advocated for the protection of people's natural rights. The most important of which, that are stated first coincidentally, are in my opinion life , liberty, and property. The second reason is that, obviously, if there is no rebellion there is no need for a declaration. Finally, something fundamental in the creation of a government so as to maintain peace and prosperity, like in England with the EBoR and in France with the DoM, is the creation of a written body of laws. This will ensure that no laws are change and make people responsible when they break the law avoiding situations like "I didn't remember it was a law."

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