Tuesday, April 21, 2015

English 9 - R&J Current Event #2

     For this weeks Romeo and Juliet related current event I chose a more “literally related” article in the sense that the title of R&J is in the title of the article. It follows the story, much like the actual novel, of two star crossed lovers names Arafat (25) and Huda (22) who met in a mobile phone shop and immediately fell in love. Now, for several reasons when Arafat went to Huda’s family to get their blessings they refused, the most obvious of which is that Huda already had an arranged marriages being scheduled and Arafat was far poorer that the man the family had planned Huda to get married with. After this, Huda in protest ran away from her home and attempted to cross the border into Yemen disguised as a Yemeni worker. This obviously got her arrested and Arafat as well for being involved in it. They remain in prison awaiting after having gotten asylum by the UN organization UNHCR. Now, as for it’s ties to Romeo and Juliet, it is quite obvious that their story of elopement is close to the story of Romeo and Juliet in the sense that their parents refused it and they were apprehended by the government (Romeo banned by Prince). It also has that arranged marriage aspect like in the book with Juliet and Paris and the same refusal to marry is seen here in the article with Huda and her suitor. Finally, the obvious question that this ties with is “What is Love?” Which is answered quite plainly here, the passion for someone that would drive one to lose everything for that person.

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