Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Eng 9 - R&J Current Event #4

     Moving on in our Romeo and Juliet related current events, this week we were given the task of finding an article that does not have to do with impossible love. So, this current event article will focus more and justice and injustice and accidental deaths. The article talks about the tragic accident that occurred in Pakistan on April 24, 2015. In which 2 hostages, an Italian named Giovanni and an American named Warren, were killed during an anti-terrorist drone assault on a suspected Al Qaeda base. President Obama would later apologize for the events that took place, saying he took full responsibility for the accident that saw the end to two aid workers, whose lives were embodied by helping Pakistanis. As for the article’s connection to R&J it is not as simple as “teen love” or “long-term feuds” it is about justice and how people are killed accidentally at times. My main connection is the two aid victims are almost exactly like Mercutio and Tybalt, two figures one of which is from specific side/house (Tybalt and Warren) who were killed accidentally while a feud, in this case between the United States and Al Qaeda, was brutally taking place. The only question I could tie this to is “what is justice.” Now, in mu opinion in this case justice is defined as an action whose purpose was right and necessary and I do not think that the killing of these men nor the death Tybalt and Mercutio for that matter, were just in any way.

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