Thursday, April 23, 2015

Eng 9 - R&J Current Event #3

     Continuing on our Romeo and Juliet current event blog this time I decided to choose an article that would not only relate to the book, but that people could empathize with as well and that is closer to where we are. This article follows an occurrence that took place in Michigan in which star-crossed lovers Jayden (14) and Braxton (13) ran away from their parent’s homes in order to pursue their love after their parents’ had refused to allow the relationship to go any further. The couple took the Jayden’s parents’ Ford SUV and went completely off the grid leaving with little over $80. Their parents had expressed their concerns about the 16-month relationship saying that they only spent time and thought of each other and that this was “too intense” for teenagers this young. Now, this is not where the story ends, the couple was found over two weeks later in just outside of Chicago and were apprehended by the police and taken home. They were allowed to go to school again but must maintain separated and wear GPS tags until further notice. Obviously, this article has many different ties with Romeo and Juliet, the main of which is the fact that Jayden and Braxton are in fact “star-crossed lovers.” Further similarities in the stories range from their parents’ disapproval of the situation, the ages of the young teens, and of course their apprehension which ties in very closely to Romeo’s apprehension and banishment in the novel. To finalize, the only essential question I think this helps answer and possibly expand our knowledge is the “what is love?” question. And it is outlined beautifully here as the will to practically risk your life for another person and to have an affection so powerful that you would give up everything, even family, to pursue that love.

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