Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Eng 9 - R&J Current Event #4

     Moving on in our Romeo and Juliet related current events, this week we were given the task of finding an article that does not have to do with impossible love. So, this current event article will focus more and justice and injustice and accidental deaths. The article talks about the tragic accident that occurred in Pakistan on April 24, 2015. In which 2 hostages, an Italian named Giovanni and an American named Warren, were killed during an anti-terrorist drone assault on a suspected Al Qaeda base. President Obama would later apologize for the events that took place, saying he took full responsibility for the accident that saw the end to two aid workers, whose lives were embodied by helping Pakistanis. As for the article’s connection to R&J it is not as simple as “teen love” or “long-term feuds” it is about justice and how people are killed accidentally at times. My main connection is the two aid victims are almost exactly like Mercutio and Tybalt, two figures one of which is from specific side/house (Tybalt and Warren) who were killed accidentally while a feud, in this case between the United States and Al Qaeda, was brutally taking place. The only question I could tie this to is “what is justice.” Now, in mu opinion in this case justice is defined as an action whose purpose was right and necessary and I do not think that the killing of these men nor the death Tybalt and Mercutio for that matter, were just in any way.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Eng 9 - R&J Current Event #3

     Continuing on our Romeo and Juliet current event blog this time I decided to choose an article that would not only relate to the book, but that people could empathize with as well and that is closer to where we are. This article follows an occurrence that took place in Michigan in which star-crossed lovers Jayden (14) and Braxton (13) ran away from their parent’s homes in order to pursue their love after their parents’ had refused to allow the relationship to go any further. The couple took the Jayden’s parents’ Ford SUV and went completely off the grid leaving with little over $80. Their parents had expressed their concerns about the 16-month relationship saying that they only spent time and thought of each other and that this was “too intense” for teenagers this young. Now, this is not where the story ends, the couple was found over two weeks later in just outside of Chicago and were apprehended by the police and taken home. They were allowed to go to school again but must maintain separated and wear GPS tags until further notice. Obviously, this article has many different ties with Romeo and Juliet, the main of which is the fact that Jayden and Braxton are in fact “star-crossed lovers.” Further similarities in the stories range from their parents’ disapproval of the situation, the ages of the young teens, and of course their apprehension which ties in very closely to Romeo’s apprehension and banishment in the novel. To finalize, the only essential question I think this helps answer and possibly expand our knowledge is the “what is love?” question. And it is outlined beautifully here as the will to practically risk your life for another person and to have an affection so powerful that you would give up everything, even family, to pursue that love.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

English 9 - R&J Current Event #2

     For this weeks Romeo and Juliet related current event I chose a more “literally related” article in the sense that the title of R&J is in the title of the article. It follows the story, much like the actual novel, of two star crossed lovers names Arafat (25) and Huda (22) who met in a mobile phone shop and immediately fell in love. Now, for several reasons when Arafat went to Huda’s family to get their blessings they refused, the most obvious of which is that Huda already had an arranged marriages being scheduled and Arafat was far poorer that the man the family had planned Huda to get married with. After this, Huda in protest ran away from her home and attempted to cross the border into Yemen disguised as a Yemeni worker. This obviously got her arrested and Arafat as well for being involved in it. They remain in prison awaiting after having gotten asylum by the UN organization UNHCR. Now, as for it’s ties to Romeo and Juliet, it is quite obvious that their story of elopement is close to the story of Romeo and Juliet in the sense that their parents refused it and they were apprehended by the government (Romeo banned by Prince). It also has that arranged marriage aspect like in the book with Juliet and Paris and the same refusal to marry is seen here in the article with Huda and her suitor. Finally, the obvious question that this ties with is “What is Love?” Which is answered quite plainly here, the passion for someone that would drive one to lose everything for that person.

English 9 - R&J Current Event #1

     For the first Romeo and Juliet current event article I chose a news story from renowned daily newspaper The Hindu. The story follows the late Bharat Singh, who was shot and killed last month due to an age-long gang feud. The most likely that Bharat was murdered was because he was from the family of the Pehalwan gang and actually had power so the Balraj gang saw it was an opportunity to annihilate the opposing families’ political standing. This occurred in New Delhi, India just a few weeks ago on March 30th, 2015. As for its ties to Romeo and Juliet, there is a clear connection between the gang feud seen in the article and the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets. We even see a sort of Mercutio/Tybalt figure that are killed, in this case Mr. Bharat, almost accidentally purely because of the hatred between the two families. This ties in very much with the guiding question of “Can long-term feuds be buried?” Looking further into the article in the case of the Pehalwan vs. the Balraj apparently no since the feud started in the early 1990’s and is still going on 25 years after.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Social Studies 9 - Declaration of Rights Question Classwork

Which Would You Choose:  After studying the French National Assembly’s “Declaration of the Rights of Man”, you hopefully noticed that it reads sometimes like the Declaration of Independence and sometimes like the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.  Knowing that both of them were designed to promote Enlightenment ideals, which would you prefer to have if you were starting a new government?

Honestly, if I were starting a new government I would undoubtedly advocate for the immediate protection of the citizens natural, essential rights therefore vouching for the Bill of Rights rather than the Declaration of Independence. Assuming the new government is starting completely from scratch I think that a Bill of Rights is much more important than a Declaration for 3 main reasons. The first of which being that the people is the main priority of a government following the guidelines of genius enlightenment philosopher John Locke, who advocated for the protection of people's natural rights. The most important of which, that are stated first coincidentally, are in my opinion life , liberty, and property. The second reason is that, obviously, if there is no rebellion there is no need for a declaration. Finally, something fundamental in the creation of a government so as to maintain peace and prosperity, like in England with the EBoR and in France with the DoM, is the creation of a written body of laws. This will ensure that no laws are change and make people responsible when they break the law avoiding situations like "I didn't remember it was a law."