Monday, March 16, 2015

Int. Math - Semester 2 Reflection

     Math has always been a subject that I have taken pride in and it is always a class that I can say challenged me, but in a good way. In the sense that it challenges me to learn and strive for more. But, there are certainly ways that I learn better in math class. Honestly I myself am a pretty hand on learner and I lie thing  presented to me instead of thrown upon me and told to “figure it out.” So, I advocate very much Ms. Boyd’s use of worksheets and investigations that actually answer your questions on a certain topic. However, for studying this is not always completely effective I think that there are ways to improve this system, by creating a sort of study guide in order to aid students when studying for the test. A core value that I find myself to be exceeding quite well in this semester has to be being reflective. This is quite rare for me and is something I usually struggle with yet this semester I find myself reflecting on my study habits and moving my way towards a more responsible high school career. On of the things that I have, in fact, been having trouble with is probably being balanced. But, not in the way most would think. I am having trouble balancing my work this semester. I think this semester in specific was been a work-loaded part of the year and we are getting little time to ourselves which becomes an issue when it is necessary to study. So, I think this is the core value I really need to focus on, getting my school affairs together and then when I finish have free time. I always want to keep improving my study habits and core value skills and I am confident this year that I shall have a big improvement in the areas that need it.

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