Wednesday, March 18, 2015

PLA 9 - Produção Textual: Rap 2015

Ninguém nasce com arrependimento

nascemos sem coisas que nos causam sofrimento
sem coisas que nos mancham
sem coisas que nos marcam

Enquanto a vida passa
Sempre vão ter desgraças
tem algumas felicidades
Todo dia lutamos pela moralidade

Se arrepender
isso é uma coisa pra escolher
mas quase todos dizem sim
e o lamentam até o fim

Alguns não se arrependem
e eles vivem mais felizes
com uma vida mais contente
a vida que eu sempre quis

No fim da minha vida sabia que estava bem
não tinh  a arrependimentos vivi uma vida sem

Não me arrependo, isso é uma verdade
mas eu falo pra você com toda a honestidade
que em alguns momentos, eu fico pensando
Que se eu ficasse mais calmo, não estaria chorando


Monday, March 16, 2015

Int. Math - Semester 2 Reflection

     Math has always been a subject that I have taken pride in and it is always a class that I can say challenged me, but in a good way. In the sense that it challenges me to learn and strive for more. But, there are certainly ways that I learn better in math class. Honestly I myself am a pretty hand on learner and I lie thing  presented to me instead of thrown upon me and told to “figure it out.” So, I advocate very much Ms. Boyd’s use of worksheets and investigations that actually answer your questions on a certain topic. However, for studying this is not always completely effective I think that there are ways to improve this system, by creating a sort of study guide in order to aid students when studying for the test. A core value that I find myself to be exceeding quite well in this semester has to be being reflective. This is quite rare for me and is something I usually struggle with yet this semester I find myself reflecting on my study habits and moving my way towards a more responsible high school career. On of the things that I have, in fact, been having trouble with is probably being balanced. But, not in the way most would think. I am having trouble balancing my work this semester. I think this semester in specific was been a work-loaded part of the year and we are getting little time to ourselves which becomes an issue when it is necessary to study. So, I think this is the core value I really need to focus on, getting my school affairs together and then when I finish have free time. I always want to keep improving my study habits and core value skills and I am confident this year that I shall have a big improvement in the areas that need it.

Social Studies 9 - Declaration of Independence Analysis (March 16 Homework)

Why did the Constitution allow slavery to continue, if the Declaration of Independence claimed that “all men are created equal”?

    The U.S. Constitution was a document that established America’s national government and fundamental laws, and guaranteed certain basic rights for its citizens. One of the most basic and essential ideas that were written in the Declaration of Independence was the belief that “all men are greater equal.” Now, knowing the nature of the United States between 1789 and 1860 this was certainly not true. Slaves that were previously brought from Africa were constantly discriminated and treated as inferiors, unequals. Now, one can argue that does that mean that the constitution contradicts itself? Not necessarily. The Constitution’s main concern was to secure freedom and the basic rights of their citizens, one of these rights albeit change by Jefferson was the right to property. Sadly, this meant all property which at the time denoted African slaves as well. So The Declaration of Independence did in fact advocate that all men are created equal but only white, free men that owned land or the predominate population in the colonies. When the Founding Fathers drafted the Declaration it is safe that they were more concerned in founding a new free nation than protecting thee rights of slaves, so when the used this phrasethat “all men are greater equal” he was more focused on the equality of people like themselves.