Monday, November 17, 2014

Social Studies - Internal and External Factors Comparison

     Over the past few weeks myself and my History 9 class began studying the English Colonies and how they impacted the natives, the rest of the world, and each other. Today I shall be comparing the three based on their internal and external factors and will be attempting to find out which one (external or internal) better explain the differences between the Northern, Middle and Southern colonies. 

      Before I jump to conclusions I would like to state some internal and external factors for each geographical area. First the Northern colonies, internal factors could be the Puritans and their incessant fighting with the Pequot also their lust for religious freedom and to build a model society. As for external factors these could be the cold climate whig meant shorter growing season and also their economy was based on trade. As for the Middle colonies internal factors range from the promotion of religious toleration to their peaceful interaction with the natives, while external factors could be their moderate climate and their mixed economy (trade and agriculture) Finally, the Southern colonies had internal factors such as they came as young single men, and were not skilled, they had a cash crop based economy. As for external factors the warm weather delivered a long growing season, yet many diseases also they had vicious battles with the Powhatan.

     So, after close analysis of the points being made one can easily tell that the internal factors outweigh the external factors, but only by a little bit. While, it is important to note that both are of equal importance and one can cause another the impacts of the internal factors such as the economies and the relations with the natives better explain the cultural and economical differences of the 3 regions.

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