Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Counseling: Connecting Goals & Redirecting Steps

       Well, looking a bit deeper into this idea of goals of the future I used two import and resources in order to make my prediction of how I can improve my overall performance for next semester. I first looked at the teacher comments given to me at the end of quarter 1, I think that using the core values I can see that the one value that came up in more than one class as somewhere that I may improve on is the Inclusive core value. I completely see where the teachers are getting this from and fully understand well how I can improve in this and the funny thing is how I connected with this as well with my core value reflections for my classes. I regularly found this core value challenging and now that I think about it, it might well be my goal for next semester.

       With the help of my teachers I now know exactly how I will tackle this goal and how I will be able to accomplish it in the coming semester. I hope that next semester I will be more inclusive overall and show mastery in this area since it is one of the only areas of concerns that I am seeing so far. Below there are links to both by vision board reflection and a link to the actual board.


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