Sunday, October 5, 2014

Counseling - Vision Board Reflection

     Over the past week or so I began working on my Counseling summative Vision Board, an assignment meant to promote thinking about our future and that is exactly what I did. I chose a series of images in relation to myself and my goals for the future, for example music, or cars, or money, etc. So, as always after any project it is necessary to reflect, today I will be reflecting on the following questions: why is this goal important to you, what are some steps needed to achieve this goal, and what is necessary for me to do (actions) to start taking these steps?

     To start off, this image, which is actually a still from the David letterman show, represents my never-ending longing for being in front of an audience and my wanting to be an actor or talk show host. This goal is important to me because it is a possible profession I may want to tackle (I do have my options open in diplomacy though) and because it is something that I have watched and has been part of my life for so many years. Now, some possible steps to achieve this goal is obviously practice, perfection, and schooling. With practice and perfection I can really work on my skills as a host and truly attempt to perfect it with schooling such as courses on film direction and acting. Finally, some actions I could take aside from having a positive, optimistic attitude I probably would think that going to a good university in order to prepare myself would be a great action to take. All in all I think that this is a reachable goal and that with the right tools I an achieve it.

One of my many Vision Board photos.

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