Monday, August 25, 2014

Int. Science - Quarter 1 Reflection

     This past quarter has truly been quite the learning experience for everyone, the teachers and the students. For me, I think that this past quarter was only the beginning of something truly great, I feel as if even though we are only at a slow start now we will be full kicked in and advancing soon. I have always been a firm advocate of reflecting after something has occurred, for this post I will be reflecting and answering the following questions: Choose and discuss one core value you feel you have been succeeding at so far this quarter and Choose one core value you wish to improve upon in the coming months.

     The core value that I feel that I have shown truly well this quarter and actually improved on has to be the Risk-Taker core value. I believe that I have shown this core value well especially in the labs and physical experiments we have done in class so far. Such as the use of the bunsen-burner, always quite frightening for some people I chose to volunteer myself in my group to go up and light it. The true definition of being a risk-taker not only implies having to take risks but also to have the to courage explore new ideas, roles, and strategies as they encounter unfamiliar situations and new challenges, which I did well not only working with the bunsen-burner, but also while on individual projects such as the Mixture Separation experiment.

     The core value that needs improvement in my opinion, and is one that has been challenging for many years, is definitely Responsible. I feel that I have always been good at keeping up with my assignments and doing all of my homework, but one thing that challenges me greatly is time-management and being responsible while studying or doing homework. I think that newt quarter I will improve on this significantly due to the fact that I am now enabled with better studying tips and skills and can actually use these tips to stay on task. I think that with this skill fully improved I am certain that grade changes will occur and that I will be more efficient and overall more productive while I study. So, to sum it all up my goal for next quarter is to use these new studying skills in order to improve my study habits and allow my study time to be more efficient and productive, thus aiding me to boost my test scores.

                  My artifact, Mixture Separation Table.                              Core Value that needs improvement: Responsible

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