Monday, August 25, 2014

Int. Math - Exponents Puzzle Activity

     Today in class we began as we usually do by going over what we did last class, which in this case was the class before our trip to Iguazu Falls. Last class we continued our work with exponent laws and applied it to our practice test and Study guide. In today's class we continued to work with exponent laws, but this time in a different manner in puzzle form. Ms. Boyd gave us the pieces and we were to make an octagon shape at the very end, in this puzzle there would be equations and answers relating to our current unit you would put each question and answer together in order to form a part of the shape. It took our group, which comprised of my co-workers Bia, Natalia, and Laura about 20 minutes to figure out the puzzle using a clever strategy in which everyone grabs a couple of pieces and attempts to make about a fourth of the puzzle. Every 5 minutes we would reconvene and see what we had come up with. In using this strategy we already used one of our Graded Core Values, communicator due to the fact that we indeed did communicate well and finally solve the puzzle together.

     Overall, I really enjoyed this little game and it was certainly fun to do a hands on activity once in a while. Now, if I could say one Core Value that I could really improve on both here and outside of the Math classroom is inclusive. I am naturally a pretty dominant person, I love to lead the team and of course allow others to bring ideas to the table. Although I think I could use some training in this area for sometimes I feel that some colleagues get left out. So, with this simple improvement I will not only enhance my Math teamwork skills, but my skills outside the classroom as well. Now thats what I call “killing two birds with one stone!”

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post, Francisco. You did a good job of explaining your group's strategy for solving the puzzle. It's great that you were also able to discuss a core value you could improve on both in and out of the math classroom. You may want to add labels for the core values you discussed, so that you're able to continue making these connections throughout the year.