Monday, August 25, 2014

English 9 - Core Value Reflection #1

Over the past few weeks my class and I have begun to use our blogs more and more in order to reflect on the recently finished first quarter. Today, I will be reflecting on my performance as an English student and focusing on one Core Value that I am good at and one that need improvement.
To begin, the Core Value that I think I am probably bet at and that I have truly shown well in my classes is the Innovative core value. I think that I have truly perfected this core value in the sense that whenever I tackle an assignment I attempt to bring new and avant-garde ideas such as when we began to write our short stories for The Lottery or The Necklace I feel that while writing these I truly brought interesting ideas, such as the 70s theme, to the table. I hope to continue perfecting this core value so that at the end of the year I can come up with innovative ideas faster and more efficiently. As for the Core Value that I feel needs improvement is definitely the Responsible core value. I think that I have always had trouble with this core value in the sense that I am not great at using my time responsibly, although I can. Even though this is not always the case I feel that with improvement in this area I could go much farther than I have in English and in other classes as well. Some actions I could take in order to achieve this goal is using studying tips and tricks from other classes and applying them to other classes such as English. So, all in all I aim to improve in this area and with this improvement I hope to sue my time better and more efficiently at school and at home.

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