Thursday, April 10, 2014

French 1 Improvement - SLC French 1 Artifact

     The last 2 semesters have honestly been quite an experience learning and practicing French. I can truthfully say that it has been an interesting journey attempting to learn my 4th language, which in my opinion is a required language for many occupations. Overall both semesters have been a home-run, in French I was an all "A" student and was both attentive and curious during and outside of class. Also, I can practice my French a whole lot with my grandmother that comes very often to visit from Venezuela, this pleases my teacher a lot and aides me in understanding and practicing the language better. I can easily confirm my attendance of the French 2 course next year in 9th grade, I hope that for the remainder of the year and throughout the second course I can continue to practice and learn French, the language of culture, the language of love.

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