Friday, April 11, 2014

Core Values - SLC Core Values Artifact

     The core values, an essential part of both my life and of our own school, Graded. Adapted many years back the core values have been an integral part of Graded's community and teachings, in essence everything is based around them. In Mrs. Hancock's advisory we created a sort of wall of core values, in which we tied a string to a core value we strive in  and one we could build off of. I can honestly say after looking at how my pins have changed I can honestly say that I have changed along with them. Originally, I was in need of building up my reflection skills, but know after actually taking the time to reflect after I have made any achievements that I've made or schoolwork I can honestly say that I have gotten much better at reflecting. In the future and throughout my life I hope I look back at the core values and reflect on how they impacted my life, how I improved in ones I was not so good at, and how it impacts my life today (in the future). So, to finalize I think that the core values aren't only tools that aide you in setting goals, but personal achievement markers as well.

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