Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Alchemist Discussion 3 Reflection

Clip #1: An area I have grown in
     Two days ago we did our final group Alchemist discussion and after watching the video again and again I was astonished at how much I have grown since the second discussion. My first example is an area I have grown in a lot, which is listening and allowing my partners to speak, this has been a challenge for me because I usually get really excited while discussing and bring up a lot of points and end up overpowering the discussing. But, in this discussion I have seen growth in the way I listen and hear and allows others to talk, this is not only helpful while discussing but in other aspects of life such as classes etc. For example in this clip I am seen listening to JP and allowing others such as Luana or Nic to have a chance to speak. Overall, I have seen major growth in this area and hopefully will continue to grow.

Clip #2: An area that needs improvement
     Unlike the last discussion this time I felt that instead of having trouble allowing people to speak I had more trouble organizing myself and not talking over others. In the clip below it is clearly visible that there was a time where Gustavo and I spoke over each other and then proceeded to allowing one of us to speak, I believe that this could have been avoided if one of the parties had stopped talking and allowed the other one to speak. On thing that I have noticed is that  this problem is quite new for me in the sense that I have never had trouble organizing myself before, this area could be helpful in later discussions and in book talks as well. So, overall I hope to see improvement in my organization during the discussions, I could do this by allowing the other person to talk and also waiting until my turn to speak, with these things in mind I honestly believe that growth can be seen in response to this problem.

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