Tuesday, April 29, 2014

French 1 Relfection - Vatel

Image No°1: François Vatel

     Monsieur François Vatel est le cuisinier et le maître de cérémonies due Prince de Condé et le inventeur de la creme de Chantilly. Il habitat à Chantilly e travaille a Chantilly aussi, il aime cette ville et est très perfectionniste.
Image No°2: Le Roi Soleil

     Le Roi de France était Louis XIV, Le Rois Soleil de la dynastie des Bourbons. Louis à fait construire le château de Versailles. Il habitat à Versailles, mais il visite son cousin, Le Prince de Condé, à Chantilly.

Image No°3: Le Château de Versailles

     Versailles est un château situe à Versailles en France. Il fut la residence du Roi Soleil, Louis XIV. Il fut construit en 1623 pour Roi Louis XIV.

Image No°4: La Crème Chantilly

                           La Crème Chantilly est une crème fouettée fait avec du sucre. Il fut invente pour le monsieur François Vatel.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reflexão: Meu Projeto 7 Bilhões de Outros

     O projeto 7 Bilhões de Outros e uma organização feita para promover a consciência global de como as pessoas de outros países vivem. Na minha aula de PFLD (Português) eu tive um chance para fazer o meu próprio video e responder uma pergunta que foi; Qual e a coisa mais importante que os seus pais te ensinaram? Assistam o video para ver a minha resposta, isso daqui e o linque para o site: http://www.7billionothers.org/pt

Outras Perguntas:
1. Você considera importante responder a esse tipo de pergunta? Por quê? Sim, eu acho muito importante fazer uma reflexão sobre algumas coisa na vida e, na minha opinião, o que o seus pais te ensinaram e muito importante e é preciso fazer reflexão sobre isso.
2. O que você achou de mais impactante na pergunta? Bom, eu achei mais interessante do que impactante porque eu acho que é uma pergunta pessoal e para mim e interessante responder e escolher o ensinamento mais importante na minha vida. Aí, eu pensei bom e um desafio então seria legal para responder.
3. Como você acha que sua resposta pode aproximar/afastar as outras pessoas de você? Bom, na realidade eu acho que as pessoas se afastariam de você se a sua resposta for negativa ou ruim, isso faria que as pessoas não concordam com a sua resposta resultando nesse afastamento. No contrario eu acho que se você responder uma coisa sabia e honesta eu acho que as pessoas se aproximariam de você.
4. Sua resposta contribuiu para o projeto 7 bilhões de outros? Como? Contribuiu porque agora o meu video esta no Youtube e e visível para o publico inteiro então qualquer pessoa que esta procurando um video sobre esse projeto vai me achar, e se deus quiser assistir. Nessa maneira eu acho que contribuí ao projeto é acho que no futuro eu vou tentar colocar no site.
5. O que sua resposta tem de semelhante/diferente da pessoa que você escutou? Por que isso aconteceu? No meu caso foi uma coisa de diferente, a pessoa que eu ouvi (uma mulher que mora numa ilha da Canada) falo que a coisa mais importante que os pais dela ensinaram para ela foi como pescar. Eu acho que isso aconteceu porque ele mora numa comunidade diferente e e exposta a culturas diferentes, então eu acho que isso acontece por causa da diferencia de cultura.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Core Values - SLC Core Values Artifact

     The core values, an essential part of both my life and of our own school, Graded. Adapted many years back the core values have been an integral part of Graded's community and teachings, in essence everything is based around them. In Mrs. Hancock's advisory we created a sort of wall of core values, in which we tied a string to a core value we strive in  and one we could build off of. I can honestly say after looking at how my pins have changed I can honestly say that I have changed along with them. Originally, I was in need of building up my reflection skills, but know after actually taking the time to reflect after I have made any achievements that I've made or schoolwork I can honestly say that I have gotten much better at reflecting. In the future and throughout my life I hope I look back at the core values and reflect on how they impacted my life, how I improved in ones I was not so good at, and how it impacts my life today (in the future). So, to finalize I think that the core values aren't only tools that aide you in setting goals, but personal achievement markers as well.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Reading the Alchemist - SLC Geography Artifact

    Over the past 3 or so weeks my block 3/8 humanities class and I have been reading Paulo Coelho's controversial and interesting novel The Alchemist. I can honestly say that it has been quite an experience reading a book of this quality and meaningfulness, I can truly say that it is a book like no other. After fully reading the book from cover-to-cover and annotating it me and two classmates discussed periodically about how the book was going, interesting points, parts that stood out, etc. We also researched a little bit about Paulo Coelho's own life and what inspired him to write this novel. All in all, the discussions were thoughtful, interesting, and helped the overall comprehension of the boo for a lot of us.

Links to the Discussions:

French 1 Improvement - SLC French 1 Artifact

     The last 2 semesters have honestly been quite an experience learning and practicing French. I can truthfully say that it has been an interesting journey attempting to learn my 4th language, which in my opinion is a required language for many occupations. Overall both semesters have been a home-run, in French I was an all "A" student and was both attentive and curious during and outside of class. Also, I can practice my French a whole lot with my grandmother that comes very often to visit from Venezuela, this pleases my teacher a lot and aides me in understanding and practicing the language better. I can easily confirm my attendance of the French 2 course next year in 9th grade, I hope that for the remainder of the year and throughout the second course I can continue to practice and learn French, the language of culture, the language of love.

Notable Works                                      

Thursday, April 3, 2014

2014 Science Fair - SLC Science Artifact

     In February I was lucky enough to participate in the 2nd annual Graded Science fair and I can honestly say it was quite an experience. I was able to create a creative, interesting project that really interested the audience that we had. My partner and I received feedback from Ms. Marrello and others who took the survey which really gave us an idea of what we could have done better. I can overall say that I did very well in the Science fair and was proud to say that I created an original, new project and received the grade that I deserved for it.

Link to reflection: Science Fair 2014 Reflection

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"A" Polynomials Quiz - SLC Math 8 Artifact

     Throughout the last quarter I have continued to improve my performance and listening skills in math class. One example is my polynomials quiz, which I did indeed get an "A" on. This is a clear example of my improvement and clearly shows how much I have been able to study and work with the new material presented. I really hope that I am able to understand and progress next year in high school. I am sure math will be a challenge but since I have learned some test taking skills this year, I believe I will be able to do great.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Alchemist Discussion 3 Reflection

Clip #1: An area I have grown in
     Two days ago we did our final group Alchemist discussion and after watching the video again and again I was astonished at how much I have grown since the second discussion. My first example is an area I have grown in a lot, which is listening and allowing my partners to speak, this has been a challenge for me because I usually get really excited while discussing and bring up a lot of points and end up overpowering the discussing. But, in this discussion I have seen growth in the way I listen and hear and allows others to talk, this is not only helpful while discussing but in other aspects of life such as classes etc. For example in this clip I am seen listening to JP and allowing others such as Luana or Nic to have a chance to speak. Overall, I have seen major growth in this area and hopefully will continue to grow.

Clip #2: An area that needs improvement
     Unlike the last discussion this time I felt that instead of having trouble allowing people to speak I had more trouble organizing myself and not talking over others. In the clip below it is clearly visible that there was a time where Gustavo and I spoke over each other and then proceeded to allowing one of us to speak, I believe that this could have been avoided if one of the parties had stopped talking and allowed the other one to speak. On thing that I have noticed is that  this problem is quite new for me in the sense that I have never had trouble organizing myself before, this area could be helpful in later discussions and in book talks as well. So, overall I hope to see improvement in my organization during the discussions, I could do this by allowing the other person to talk and also waiting until my turn to speak, with these things in mind I honestly believe that growth can be seen in response to this problem.

O Que Eu Quero Ser Quando Crescer - SLC PFLD Artifact

     Over the last week I have been working on a very interesting and culminating project in PFLD. It was, the What I Want To Be When I Grow project, which started off as a small activity and ended up to teach me a whole lot of things. After going on a website that asked me questions regarding what occupation I should be I wrote this small paper on what I personally think my occupation will be. After fully completing the project I looked back to my past PFL projects and saw the great amount of growth I had gone through especially in grammar. This sole paper revealed to me that since September I really have become a better PFL student.