Monday, March 31, 2014

Teen Challenges Final Heath Reflection - SLC PHE Artifact

1. What do you think are the most intense challenges for teens in Grade 8?

      I believe that probably the most difficult or challenging problem that teens have during 8th grade is probably body image. I believe this primarily because all of the girls and some boys talk a whole lot about the way they look and what other people think about them. This affects relationships and peer bonding making it in-turn one of the must difficult challenges teens in 8th grade must face.

2. How can we deal with pressures/expectations to have a certain body image, or to fit in, or to handle our friendships or engage in dating relationships? 

Well, we can ignore peer pressure and do "our own thing" so to speak. One of the most challenging things for a teen to learn is the fact that being different is ok and that if you are different than your friend you shouldn't feel bad. This is a challenge that many teens face in their day-to day lives, and it must be overcome.

SLC Reflection

     Over the past 3.5 weeks I have been taking the interesting and culminating class known as Health, and I can honestly say my performance, listening, and overall skill in the topic have improved tenfold. I can truthfully say that I have truly begun o immerse myself in the topics of health, and teen relationships so that I am more prepared for future courses and experiences. I chose this artifact because it was rally the last in-class assignment that we had, making it an overall sum of the class. Also, this can show some of the knowledge that I have gained throughout Ms. Roy's lessons, which if you compare with  my previous knowledge is much greater. I really hope that I am able to improve much more as I ascend into high-school so I can get as much out of the class possible.


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