Sunday, March 9, 2014

Post-Science Fair Reflection

1. What was the most enjoyable part of creating your science fair project (not counting the actual fair)? I think the most enjoyable part of the science fair was actually getting to present and actually show our knowledge of the topic we presented. This was nice because we could finally teach people a little bit about color bias and the amount of information that we know about it.

2. What was the most difficult or frustrating part of your project? The most difficult part of the science fair was probably finishing the poster before the actual event, this was difficult because we were stressed to put something together and some details can be easily missed.

3. Pick one project (other than your own) that you found interesting and/or impressive. Describe what you liked about it.  One project I really enjoyed listening to was definitely Nic's project. His take on hydrogen batteries and how they work was both easy to understand but at the same time complicated and interesting.

4. What problems/challenges did you run into this year as you worked on your project? What steps did you take to overcome these challenges? Well, one problem was definitely wifi, at times we were without wifi and I couldn’t anything done, we tried overcoming this problem by using our time wisely and doing other things that don’t require internet. Another problem was partners, at one point my partner (name undisclosed) did little to nothing. I overcame this by working productively myself and getting as much as I could accomplished.
5. Thinking of your own project, what would you do differently next time? Address only those factors that you have control over (you don’t have control over getting sick or your mom going out of town, for example). I actually stated some of the things we could have done better in my actual presentation, this ranged from getting more blocks, making a circle of objects around the person so as not to leave any object at a closer distance to them. But, one thing that I could definitely change is to work more efficiently and alone. I feel as if the whole partener thing wasn’t exactly as great as I thought it could have gone so I think if I ever did this again I would be more careful on partner choice.

6. While presenting your project, what do you think you did well? I think that I was really enthusiastic and used a voice of authority while presenting. This aided my audience in hearing the information I presented, I think overall this really enhanced my project.

7.While presenting your project, what do you think you could have done better? I think that maybe I could have been a little more open and welcoming to people walking around, all I said was “do you like colors.” Making my intro more interesting could have gotten me more audience members.

8. Did you work alone or in a pair? Would you choose to do that again?  Why or why not? I worked in a pair this time, I usually do, but now I can see that partner choice is probably the most important thing about any project. This is probably because you have to choose people that you will work well with. Next time (if any) I would probably work alone, just because I want to feel the experience and actually be independent.

9. Are you happy with the topic you chose? Would you chose to investigate it again in the future?  Why or why not? Yes, I am happy with the topic I chose, it was both an interesting and highly intellectual experience, however I would not choose to research about it again. Due to the fact that It would just be plain repetitive.

10. Do you feel you were prepared enough to present you project to others at the science fair?  Why or why not? Definitely, I was very much prepared to present to anyone that wanted to hear. I believe that I was able to prepare so well that the person I presented to actually was able to learn something after hearing it.

11.  Did you use the feedback that you were given electronically?  If so, in what ways was it helpful?  If not, why not? Not really, I only looked at it afterwards to kind of get an idea of what the audience members thought of my presentation. I believe it wasn’t really meant for anything more than that. It was only helpful in the sense so that I could simply see what the general public thought of the presentation.

12.Self Evaluation
Evaluate yourself in these areas.  (5 is highest, 1 is lowest) Highlight the number that you feel best describes your overall performance.  Feel free to explain your ratings in the space below.
Originality of Topic                         1       2       3       4       5
Knowledge about your topic           1       2       3       4       5
Effort/Hard Work                              1       2       3       4       5
Communicator                                 1       2       3       4       5
(board, speech, etc.)

13. What did this project do to help you become a better learner/better thinker? Well, it definitely taught me patience, It taught me that science fair projects come with a whole lot of tedious work and hardships but with a little patience  it can all go very well.

14. What do you think your teacher could do differently next year to help future students be more successful? I think that the teachers could consider changing the actual science fair day to a Friday instead of a Thursday so the students can go home to a weekend instead of another school day.

15.  Do you have any other thought about the science fair that you would like to share? None, I believe I was honest and thoughtful enough on all of the previous questions.

16. Here is where you can include pictures and/or video that you took of yourself with your project


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