Monday, March 24, 2014

Alchemist Discussion 2 Reflection

Video 1: Clip of a Strength That I Demonstrated

      In this clip I am shown quoting parts of the novel and stating specific occurrences to fortify the point I'm making. I also ask questions to my partners such as "what do you guys think", this will help the overall discussion a lot and is something that I have improved since the first discussion. Furthermore, I listened to my group and actually stopped to hear what they had to say, I tried my best not to interrupt, and I allowed everyone to have a fair turn speaking. To finalize I think I think I have improved a lot on allowing others to speak, at the beginning this was a challenge, but now I am more open to other's ideas and allow them to get their ideas out without interrupting them.

Video 2: Clip of an Area I Can Improve On

     In this clip I am found doing exactly the opposite of the first clip, here the most obvious mistake we as a group made as definitely, interruption. I think this is probably my most difficult challenge while discussing because there are time when I have such good information I can't control myself. In this video especially I am seen talking over my partners and attempting to "take the floor." This is definitely something I can improve on by not only allowing others to speak, but by waiting until others finish speaking. Next time instead of abruptly attempting to speak I can wait and listen to my partners and speak when it's my turn.

My One Plan: To make my final discussion the best discussion possible there is one major issue that I must build upon and improve on. That one thing is giving others a chance to speak, this is one thing that is a challenge for me because, as an MUN-er I very much enjoy speaking and bringing thoughtful points to the table, I think by giving others a chance I can not only improve the quality of my points but also the quality of the conversation as a whole. y following this one plan and improving on allowing people to speak, I truly think that our last discussion will be the best one of the three.

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