Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Writing About Writing: My Take on How The Argumentative Essays Went

Argumentative Writing, A Tedious Task

     Well, what can I say, the writing process for my Israel vs Palestine argumentative essay has been less than joyful, but I believe that the overall document completely and utterly reflected my knowledge of the topic. But, I wonder in what ways have I developed since my first argumentative essay attempt a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, in October of last year? Well, to begin I definitely have improved my grammatical editing skills because after re-checking my first essay I found a great many errors that I am disappointed to have missed. Another thing that probably could have enhanced by essay overall could have been the addition of more reliable sources, this could have added a sort of believability to my essay, which definitely would have been good. Overall, I have learned a lot from the argumentative essays, one thing is that patience is a virtue and without it writing is impossible. This is true because the writing process of the essay is very tedious and long and if you aren't patient you will not be able to accomplish it. Finishing off, I truly believe that I have truly improved in my writing and although we will not be doing anymore this year I will use this knowledge in future essays.


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