Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Writing About Writing: My Take on How The Argumentative Essays Went

Argumentative Writing, A Tedious Task

     Well, what can I say, the writing process for my Israel vs Palestine argumentative essay has been less than joyful, but I believe that the overall document completely and utterly reflected my knowledge of the topic. But, I wonder in what ways have I developed since my first argumentative essay attempt a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, in October of last year? Well, to begin I definitely have improved my grammatical editing skills because after re-checking my first essay I found a great many errors that I am disappointed to have missed. Another thing that probably could have enhanced by essay overall could have been the addition of more reliable sources, this could have added a sort of believability to my essay, which definitely would have been good. Overall, I have learned a lot from the argumentative essays, one thing is that patience is a virtue and without it writing is impossible. This is true because the writing process of the essay is very tedious and long and if you aren't patient you will not be able to accomplish it. Finishing off, I truly believe that I have truly improved in my writing and although we will not be doing anymore this year I will use this knowledge in future essays.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Geography Reflection Blog Post

Francisco M.
February 12, 2014
Geography Block 7

                                                    Geography: A Challenge, An Adventure

     Over the past few weeks I have been carefully studying the borders, landmarks, regions, and bodies of water of the African Continent. I can honestly say that it has been both challenging and interesting, I started off quick and with a little studying I was able to lock the information into my brain. But, not all of the class was simple and easy to comprehend, I honestly had a lot of trouble with the positions of the countries and landmarks on the actual map, a skill that we need to successfully complete dot map quizzes. After working on this aspect of my geography class I truly did improve, I just recently took the final Africa dot map and have now moved on to he content and skills section of the class, which hopefully will further enhance my understanding and comprehension of this beautiful and vibrant continent. One thing I can say that iv'e been doing really well on is going above and beyond in my work. Like my packet, I honestly tried very hard to make my packet great, and with a little work I accomplished it. I think that if I keep up this pace I am on my way to having a great semester in Geography 8.