Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Counseling: Connecting Goals & Redirecting Steps

       Well, looking a bit deeper into this idea of goals of the future I used two import and resources in order to make my prediction of how I can improve my overall performance for next semester. I first looked at the teacher comments given to me at the end of quarter 1, I think that using the core values I can see that the one value that came up in more than one class as somewhere that I may improve on is the Inclusive core value. I completely see where the teachers are getting this from and fully understand well how I can improve in this and the funny thing is how I connected with this as well with my core value reflections for my classes. I regularly found this core value challenging and now that I think about it, it might well be my goal for next semester.

       With the help of my teachers I now know exactly how I will tackle this goal and how I will be able to accomplish it in the coming semester. I hope that next semester I will be more inclusive overall and show mastery in this area since it is one of the only areas of concerns that I am seeing so far. Below there are links to both by vision board reflection and a link to the actual board.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Social Studies - Internal and External Factors Comparison

     Over the past few weeks myself and my History 9 class began studying the English Colonies and how they impacted the natives, the rest of the world, and each other. Today I shall be comparing the three based on their internal and external factors and will be attempting to find out which one (external or internal) better explain the differences between the Northern, Middle and Southern colonies. 

      Before I jump to conclusions I would like to state some internal and external factors for each geographical area. First the Northern colonies, internal factors could be the Puritans and their incessant fighting with the Pequot also their lust for religious freedom and to build a model society. As for external factors these could be the cold climate whig meant shorter growing season and also their economy was based on trade. As for the Middle colonies internal factors range from the promotion of religious toleration to their peaceful interaction with the natives, while external factors could be their moderate climate and their mixed economy (trade and agriculture) Finally, the Southern colonies had internal factors such as they came as young single men, and were not skilled, they had a cash crop based economy. As for external factors the warm weather delivered a long growing season, yet many diseases also they had vicious battles with the Powhatan.

     So, after close analysis of the points being made one can easily tell that the internal factors outweigh the external factors, but only by a little bit. While, it is important to note that both are of equal importance and one can cause another the impacts of the internal factors such as the economies and the relations with the natives better explain the cultural and economical differences of the 3 regions.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Social Studies - Pocahontas OPVL Reflection

       Last History class, we began talking about the legendary Powhatan princess Pocahontas, daughter of the Chief of the Powhatan tribe Chief Powhatan. We first began by watching a few videos on her life that ranged from History.com educational videos to Walt Disney’s own depiction from 1995. We sought to find the most historically accurate incarnation of Pocahontas and truly learn her story, be it the fantastical John Smith version or not. So, using the OPVL method of analysis we looked at various photos of paintings of Pocahontas from the  Van de Passe’s 1616 painting to the 1995 Walt Disney depiction.

      Now, using the OPVL method it is clear that after close analysis the 1994 Mary Ellen Howe painting is probably the closest depiction of Pocahontas ever made. Looking a bit deeper into the analysis, although the painting was created by Mary Ellen Howe in 1994 (O) the artist studied the likeness and skin color-scheme of various indigenous tribes such as the Pamunkey, Mattoponi, and Rappahannock Indians for 6 days, also she used the 1616 Van de Passe depiction as a model. The purpose of the portait was so that she could truly capture Pocahontas’ lioness in order to preserve her image in history (P). Of course, all things have pros and cons (V&L) as for pros both the skin color and facial features are modeled after modern Virginian Natives, thus giving it a certain degree of accuracy, yet cons could be that it was based on a representation (1616 VDP) that was created to represent an “Anglicized” Pocahontas, which could be inaccurate. 

       So, overall after close analysis it is visible that Mary Ellen Howe’s representation of Pocahontas is the most accurate out go the 12 we were given. It has the correct skin color and facial features, was based off of a 1616 painting of her, and the artist put research into it in order to preserve the true image of Pocahontas.

The artist responsible for the painting, Mary Ellen Howe

                                                       Mary Ellen Howe's 1994 representation of Pocahontas

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Int. Science - BRICS Prediction Blogpost

       In order to truly understand and predict the future energy situation in China one must understand the impacting factors that drive change in the situation. Analyzing information on China’s situation in 2035 one clearly see that there are 3 main factors that really could alter the situation by 2050 they are; the Chinese middle-class’ rise in wealth, the building taxes on Co2 and other emissions of conventional sources (non-renewable resources), and shale gas availability and extraction possibility in the future. Using these factors and seeing China’s current and predicted energy state in 2035 I can be foresee a significant drop in coal emission and use by 2050. 

      Further elaborating on the factors above, the rise in wealth of the Chinese middle-class triggers a signifiant spike in awareness and consciousness derived from citizens putting their minds less on placing food on the table and more on the future of the children. This leads to the people being more conscious about their country’s current situation. In China for example, the government is seeing a rise in hospitals visits for lung complications due to pollution in the air, as the people get richer they begin to notice this more and more and begin to truly press for a cut on coal generation thus impacting how much coal is being emitted. 

       As for taxes China is seeing a 6% import tariff for every ton of coal being used for energy generation this can lead to two alternate resolutions the first being that China will begin to incorporate laws such as Chile did by taxing the companies that generate the energy using coal or the second being that China will begin to import cleaner washed coal due to unhealthy SOx NOx levels (amount of sulfates and nitrates emitted).

       Finally, shale gas availability also could impact China future significantly. Currently, China is the country with the most available shale gas in the world the only problem is extraction, I can predict that with the advancement of technologies in the near future could lead to a safer and cheaper extraction method.

       Now that I have stated what could well be the future of China in 2050 there are a few action that China could take in the future to both cut down on Co2 emissions and expand renewable source usage. These are; pick a solid unchangeable limit number on Co2 emissions and a plan to achieve that number including the establishment of a renewable portfolio standard, reach an agreement to meet that emission limit with other developed economies, and finally to double investments in renewable source research and development in order to stimulate the development of new renewable resources. Using these action China can expect a greener, less-polluted future bringing hope to their concerned middle-class and future generation in China.

Monday, October 27, 2014

PLA 9 - Produção Textual: Relatório Itaipu

Nome: Francisco Morandi Zerpa
Bloco: PLA 9 BL. 6
Título: A Usina que dá Luz ao Brasil
Dia 17 de setembro de 2014
Hora de partida - 8h40
Hora de chegada na Usina - 9h15
Hora de retorno ao hotel - 17h30
Professor acompanhante: Wayne Shackelford
Na semana passada, a nossa turma viajou para Foz do Iguaçu. No tempo que passamos lá, nós tivemos a oportunidade de ir para a Usina de Itaipu, uma das 7 Maravilhas da engenharia moderna do mundo.        
Nós saímos às 8h40 da manhã do hotel e chegamos mais ou menos às 9h15 na portaria, pegamos um lanche e assistimos a um vídeo educacional. Logo em seguida, nós embarcamos no ônibus da Itaipu Binacional e fomos rumo a Barragem Homem de Ferro, uma parte localizada na frente da usina chamada assim por causa das Olimpíadas. Nessa barragem, nós tínhamos uma vista panorâmica muito bela do vertedouro, isto é, a parte onde fica a água que sobra. Depois, nós fomos para a ponte na parede de pedras e vimos muitas casinhas e árvores espaçadas por toda a região.
Um pouco depois, nós finalmente entramos nas instalações da usina e foi um momento muito especial, a imensidão da usina faz o visitante se sentir tão pequeno e foi um experiência inesquecível. Depois de chegar na entrada da usina, nós visitamos vários andares incluindo o andar histórico que tem as fotos de cada ano da construção. Finalmente, nós chegamos no último andar, o andar da turbina principal, a peça que gera todo o poder da hidroelétrica. Eu acho que esse foi o mais interessante porque foi legal ver e ouvir a peça que é responsável pela geração de 17% da energia do Brasil.
Logo depois, nós embarcamos no ônibus e voltamos para a portaria da usina. Em seguida, nós finalmente fomos rumo ao museu.
O museu era muito legal, simples e explicava todas as funções que a usina tinha com uma maquete gigante de toda a região, incluindo a hidroelétrica e as cataratas. Nós vimos vários objetos históricos e um modelo muito bem feito da própria usina. Logo em seguida, para finalizar a nossa excursão, nós visitamos a exposição do fotógrafo Sebastião Salgado,  que apresentava fotografias relacionadas ao trabalho no mundo todo. Pessoalmente, eu adorei o museu e achei todas as exposições muito interessantes e eu me senti bem privilegiado de poder estar lá. Finalmente, nós fomos para a tripla fronteira, onde nós pudemos ver os três países Argentina, Paraguai e Brasil. Eu comprei umas moedas de cada país de lembrança e, depois disso, nós embarcamos de novo para o hotel.  
Eu achei a nossa viagem para a Usina Itaipu uma maravilha e uma experiência inesquecível. Eu gostaria de voltar algum dia no futuro para ver todas a modificações feitas na nova faculdade UNILA que proporcionaría a integração latino-americana. Então, para finalizar, foi um privilégio muito grande poder visitar a usina e ver a imensidão das peças que dão luz ao Brasil.

Francisco Morandi Zerpa - 9 Ano

Friday, October 24, 2014

English 9 - Short Story Process Reflection

     Over the past 2 weeks my English class and I embarked on journey to begin writing our creative short stories. Displayed below are my first and last drafts and with careful analysis you can clearly see how much both in quality and in quantity my drafts have improved. I have to say that it was a long and tedious process, but at the end of the day it was interesting having to have faced all of the challenges I did along the way. For example, on thing that really challenged me was to have to shorten my final draft. I finished off with about 1680 words and our limit was unfortunately 1500! So, I was forced to flesh out the points that really don’t add to or enhance the text at all and just throw them out. 
     Another thing that was difficult for me was the use of commas and separation of thoughts in my text. This was pretty apparent in the beginning since my peers pointed it out when we were doing the trio meetings. I tried to research punctuation forms and how to separate dialogues and the end product turned out pretty well. 

     So, overall the whole process was an interesting and educational journey that I think really helped me as a writer overall. Hopefully on our next creative writing story I can address the weak points better in order to have an overall better product.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Counseling - Vision Board Reflection

     Over the past week or so I began working on my Counseling summative Vision Board, an assignment meant to promote thinking about our future and that is exactly what I did. I chose a series of images in relation to myself and my goals for the future, for example music, or cars, or money, etc. So, as always after any project it is necessary to reflect, today I will be reflecting on the following questions: why is this goal important to you, what are some steps needed to achieve this goal, and what is necessary for me to do (actions) to start taking these steps?

     To start off, this image, which is actually a still from the David letterman show, represents my never-ending longing for being in front of an audience and my wanting to be an actor or talk show host. This goal is important to me because it is a possible profession I may want to tackle (I do have my options open in diplomacy though) and because it is something that I have watched and has been part of my life for so many years. Now, some possible steps to achieve this goal is obviously practice, perfection, and schooling. With practice and perfection I can really work on my skills as a host and truly attempt to perfect it with schooling such as courses on film direction and acting. Finally, some actions I could take aside from having a positive, optimistic attitude I probably would think that going to a good university in order to prepare myself would be a great action to take. All in all I think that this is a reachable goal and that with the right tools I an achieve it.

One of my many Vision Board photos.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Counseling - My Vision Board

This is me, this is my vision board.

Key elements seen in my vision board: 
and Venezuela

Monday, August 25, 2014

Int. Science - Quarter 1 Reflection

     This past quarter has truly been quite the learning experience for everyone, the teachers and the students. For me, I think that this past quarter was only the beginning of something truly great, I feel as if even though we are only at a slow start now we will be full kicked in and advancing soon. I have always been a firm advocate of reflecting after something has occurred, for this post I will be reflecting and answering the following questions: Choose and discuss one core value you feel you have been succeeding at so far this quarter and Choose one core value you wish to improve upon in the coming months.

     The core value that I feel that I have shown truly well this quarter and actually improved on has to be the Risk-Taker core value. I believe that I have shown this core value well especially in the labs and physical experiments we have done in class so far. Such as the use of the bunsen-burner, always quite frightening for some people I chose to volunteer myself in my group to go up and light it. The true definition of being a risk-taker not only implies having to take risks but also to have the to courage explore new ideas, roles, and strategies as they encounter unfamiliar situations and new challenges, which I did well not only working with the bunsen-burner, but also while on individual projects such as the Mixture Separation experiment.

     The core value that needs improvement in my opinion, and is one that has been challenging for many years, is definitely Responsible. I feel that I have always been good at keeping up with my assignments and doing all of my homework, but one thing that challenges me greatly is time-management and being responsible while studying or doing homework. I think that newt quarter I will improve on this significantly due to the fact that I am now enabled with better studying tips and skills and can actually use these tips to stay on task. I think that with this skill fully improved I am certain that grade changes will occur and that I will be more efficient and overall more productive while I study. So, to sum it all up my goal for next quarter is to use these new studying skills in order to improve my study habits and allow my study time to be more efficient and productive, thus aiding me to boost my test scores.

                  My artifact, Mixture Separation Table.                              Core Value that needs improvement: Responsible

Social Studies - After the Prisoner's Dilemma Game

     Today in our History 9 class we continued studying the English Civil war and we began comparing Thomas Hobbes and John Locke two men who wrote their own takes on different government issues such as the State of Nature or the Power of the State. After going over their points of view we began to play a game called the Prisoner's Dilemma, as a reward we would get a cake.
After playing this game I truly began to revaluate myself as a person, originally a Locke-ian I was distraught after actually proving Hobbes right.
      I truly think our decisions were correct and we thought as “Men of our time” in the sense that anyone would have thought like this due to the fact that the objective of the game was to win and the decisions you made impacted the game as a whole, so any sane person would have mad more decisions in favor of their team rather than the other team. I think that our team was honestly mostly motivated by winning the cake and actually making good decisions in order to get the cake, despite the fact that we didn’t think of the everyone trust each other technique.
     All in all I thought that we made the correct decisions and although they supported Hobbes’ ideal that all men want to kill each other the idea of being in a team really brings me to question how this would be applied in real life, on a governmental scale. After a quick reflection I have come to see the wrong of my ways even though I think that we made decisions “for the team” and that only a saint would have done differently, I think that next time more rational thinking could have really fortified our chances of winning.

Thomas Hobbes and John Locke

English 9 - Core Value Reflection #1

Over the past few weeks my class and I have begun to use our blogs more and more in order to reflect on the recently finished first quarter. Today, I will be reflecting on my performance as an English student and focusing on one Core Value that I am good at and one that need improvement.
To begin, the Core Value that I think I am probably bet at and that I have truly shown well in my classes is the Innovative core value. I think that I have truly perfected this core value in the sense that whenever I tackle an assignment I attempt to bring new and avant-garde ideas such as when we began to write our short stories for The Lottery or The Necklace I feel that while writing these I truly brought interesting ideas, such as the 70s theme, to the table. I hope to continue perfecting this core value so that at the end of the year I can come up with innovative ideas faster and more efficiently. As for the Core Value that I feel needs improvement is definitely the Responsible core value. I think that I have always had trouble with this core value in the sense that I am not great at using my time responsibly, although I can. Even though this is not always the case I feel that with improvement in this area I could go much farther than I have in English and in other classes as well. Some actions I could take in order to achieve this goal is using studying tips and tricks from other classes and applying them to other classes such as English. So, all in all I aim to improve in this area and with this improvement I hope to sue my time better and more efficiently at school and at home.

PLA 9 - Produção Textual: Miniconto

Nome: Francisco Morandi
Bloco: PLA 9 BL 5
Data: 23 - 08 - 14

Produção Textual - Miniconto
(Siga as orientações constantes nas p. 24 e 25 do livro Jornadas.port)

O mendigo atravessava aquela rua todos os dias. Mas foi naquele dia que ele andou daquele jeito, mais devagar. E o impacto deixou-o  completamente vegetal.

PLA 9 - Objetivos do Ano

De volta para o futuro - O futuro do meu português

Cada vez que começa um novo ano, o primeiro dia de aula é reservado para fazer uma lista de objetivos. Hoje eu vou falar sobre os meus objetivos na Língua Portuguesa e os meus planos para o meu futuro no PLA 9. Meu primeiro objetivo é um que eu sempre tive desde que eu cheguei aqui no Brasil. Esse objetivo e puder falar Português fluentemente com os meus colegas brasileiros é poder me comunicar com eles como se eu fosse brasileiro também. Para obter esse sonho, eu preciso melhorar muito as minhas habilidades linguísticas e o meu sotake, eu já tenho uma base educativa em português como as expressões e as conjugações mas eu acho que ainda estou precisando aprender como um brasileiro fala e gostaria muito de aprender isso este ano.
O meu segundo objetivo é em relação aos “core values” da nossa escola. Eu sempre tive dificuldade em equilíbrar (balanced) as minhas matérias e como eu estou estudando 3 línguas este ano, eu preciso balancear o meu português com as outras línguas que eu estou estudando. Eu acho que se eu obter esses dois objetivos esse ano, quando eu for embora o ano que vem, eu vou ter aprendido o máximo português possível.

- Francisco Morandi

French Post 1

Int. Math - Exponents Puzzle Activity

     Today in class we began as we usually do by going over what we did last class, which in this case was the class before our trip to Iguazu Falls. Last class we continued our work with exponent laws and applied it to our practice test and Study guide. In today's class we continued to work with exponent laws, but this time in a different manner in puzzle form. Ms. Boyd gave us the pieces and we were to make an octagon shape at the very end, in this puzzle there would be equations and answers relating to our current unit you would put each question and answer together in order to form a part of the shape. It took our group, which comprised of my co-workers Bia, Natalia, and Laura about 20 minutes to figure out the puzzle using a clever strategy in which everyone grabs a couple of pieces and attempts to make about a fourth of the puzzle. Every 5 minutes we would reconvene and see what we had come up with. In using this strategy we already used one of our Graded Core Values, communicator due to the fact that we indeed did communicate well and finally solve the puzzle together.

     Overall, I really enjoyed this little game and it was certainly fun to do a hands on activity once in a while. Now, if I could say one Core Value that I could really improve on both here and outside of the Math classroom is inclusive. I am naturally a pretty dominant person, I love to lead the team and of course allow others to bring ideas to the table. Although I think I could use some training in this area for sometimes I feel that some colleagues get left out. So, with this simple improvement I will not only enhance my Math teamwork skills, but my skills outside the classroom as well. Now thats what I call “killing two birds with one stone!”

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

French 1 Relfection - Vatel

Image No°1: François Vatel

     Monsieur François Vatel est le cuisinier et le maître de cérémonies due Prince de Condé et le inventeur de la creme de Chantilly. Il habitat à Chantilly e travaille a Chantilly aussi, il aime cette ville et est très perfectionniste.
Image No°2: Le Roi Soleil

     Le Roi de France était Louis XIV, Le Rois Soleil de la dynastie des Bourbons. Louis à fait construire le château de Versailles. Il habitat à Versailles, mais il visite son cousin, Le Prince de Condé, à Chantilly.

Image No°3: Le Château de Versailles

     Versailles est un château situe à Versailles en France. Il fut la residence du Roi Soleil, Louis XIV. Il fut construit en 1623 pour Roi Louis XIV.

Image No°4: La Crème Chantilly

                           La Crème Chantilly est une crème fouettée fait avec du sucre. Il fut invente pour le monsieur François Vatel.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reflexão: Meu Projeto 7 Bilhões de Outros

     O projeto 7 Bilhões de Outros e uma organização feita para promover a consciência global de como as pessoas de outros países vivem. Na minha aula de PFLD (Português) eu tive um chance para fazer o meu próprio video e responder uma pergunta que foi; Qual e a coisa mais importante que os seus pais te ensinaram? Assistam o video para ver a minha resposta, isso daqui e o linque para o site: http://www.7billionothers.org/pt

Outras Perguntas:
1. Você considera importante responder a esse tipo de pergunta? Por quê? Sim, eu acho muito importante fazer uma reflexão sobre algumas coisa na vida e, na minha opinião, o que o seus pais te ensinaram e muito importante e é preciso fazer reflexão sobre isso.
2. O que você achou de mais impactante na pergunta? Bom, eu achei mais interessante do que impactante porque eu acho que é uma pergunta pessoal e para mim e interessante responder e escolher o ensinamento mais importante na minha vida. Aí, eu pensei bom e um desafio então seria legal para responder.
3. Como você acha que sua resposta pode aproximar/afastar as outras pessoas de você? Bom, na realidade eu acho que as pessoas se afastariam de você se a sua resposta for negativa ou ruim, isso faria que as pessoas não concordam com a sua resposta resultando nesse afastamento. No contrario eu acho que se você responder uma coisa sabia e honesta eu acho que as pessoas se aproximariam de você.
4. Sua resposta contribuiu para o projeto 7 bilhões de outros? Como? Contribuiu porque agora o meu video esta no Youtube e e visível para o publico inteiro então qualquer pessoa que esta procurando um video sobre esse projeto vai me achar, e se deus quiser assistir. Nessa maneira eu acho que contribuí ao projeto é acho que no futuro eu vou tentar colocar no site.
5. O que sua resposta tem de semelhante/diferente da pessoa que você escutou? Por que isso aconteceu? No meu caso foi uma coisa de diferente, a pessoa que eu ouvi (uma mulher que mora numa ilha da Canada) falo que a coisa mais importante que os pais dela ensinaram para ela foi como pescar. Eu acho que isso aconteceu porque ele mora numa comunidade diferente e e exposta a culturas diferentes, então eu acho que isso acontece por causa da diferencia de cultura.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Core Values - SLC Core Values Artifact

     The core values, an essential part of both my life and of our own school, Graded. Adapted many years back the core values have been an integral part of Graded's community and teachings, in essence everything is based around them. In Mrs. Hancock's advisory we created a sort of wall of core values, in which we tied a string to a core value we strive in  and one we could build off of. I can honestly say after looking at how my pins have changed I can honestly say that I have changed along with them. Originally, I was in need of building up my reflection skills, but know after actually taking the time to reflect after I have made any achievements that I've made or schoolwork I can honestly say that I have gotten much better at reflecting. In the future and throughout my life I hope I look back at the core values and reflect on how they impacted my life, how I improved in ones I was not so good at, and how it impacts my life today (in the future). So, to finalize I think that the core values aren't only tools that aide you in setting goals, but personal achievement markers as well.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Reading the Alchemist - SLC Geography Artifact

    Over the past 3 or so weeks my block 3/8 humanities class and I have been reading Paulo Coelho's controversial and interesting novel The Alchemist. I can honestly say that it has been quite an experience reading a book of this quality and meaningfulness, I can truly say that it is a book like no other. After fully reading the book from cover-to-cover and annotating it me and two classmates discussed periodically about how the book was going, interesting points, parts that stood out, etc. We also researched a little bit about Paulo Coelho's own life and what inspired him to write this novel. All in all, the discussions were thoughtful, interesting, and helped the overall comprehension of the boo for a lot of us.

Links to the Discussions:

French 1 Improvement - SLC French 1 Artifact

     The last 2 semesters have honestly been quite an experience learning and practicing French. I can truthfully say that it has been an interesting journey attempting to learn my 4th language, which in my opinion is a required language for many occupations. Overall both semesters have been a home-run, in French I was an all "A" student and was both attentive and curious during and outside of class. Also, I can practice my French a whole lot with my grandmother that comes very often to visit from Venezuela, this pleases my teacher a lot and aides me in understanding and practicing the language better. I can easily confirm my attendance of the French 2 course next year in 9th grade, I hope that for the remainder of the year and throughout the second course I can continue to practice and learn French, the language of culture, the language of love.

Notable Works                                      

Thursday, April 3, 2014

2014 Science Fair - SLC Science Artifact

     In February I was lucky enough to participate in the 2nd annual Graded Science fair and I can honestly say it was quite an experience. I was able to create a creative, interesting project that really interested the audience that we had. My partner and I received feedback from Ms. Marrello and others who took the survey which really gave us an idea of what we could have done better. I can overall say that I did very well in the Science fair and was proud to say that I created an original, new project and received the grade that I deserved for it.

Link to reflection: Science Fair 2014 Reflection

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"A" Polynomials Quiz - SLC Math 8 Artifact

     Throughout the last quarter I have continued to improve my performance and listening skills in math class. One example is my polynomials quiz, which I did indeed get an "A" on. This is a clear example of my improvement and clearly shows how much I have been able to study and work with the new material presented. I really hope that I am able to understand and progress next year in high school. I am sure math will be a challenge but since I have learned some test taking skills this year, I believe I will be able to do great.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Alchemist Discussion 3 Reflection

Clip #1: An area I have grown in
     Two days ago we did our final group Alchemist discussion and after watching the video again and again I was astonished at how much I have grown since the second discussion. My first example is an area I have grown in a lot, which is listening and allowing my partners to speak, this has been a challenge for me because I usually get really excited while discussing and bring up a lot of points and end up overpowering the discussing. But, in this discussion I have seen growth in the way I listen and hear and allows others to talk, this is not only helpful while discussing but in other aspects of life such as classes etc. For example in this clip I am seen listening to JP and allowing others such as Luana or Nic to have a chance to speak. Overall, I have seen major growth in this area and hopefully will continue to grow.

Clip #2: An area that needs improvement
     Unlike the last discussion this time I felt that instead of having trouble allowing people to speak I had more trouble organizing myself and not talking over others. In the clip below it is clearly visible that there was a time where Gustavo and I spoke over each other and then proceeded to allowing one of us to speak, I believe that this could have been avoided if one of the parties had stopped talking and allowed the other one to speak. On thing that I have noticed is that  this problem is quite new for me in the sense that I have never had trouble organizing myself before, this area could be helpful in later discussions and in book talks as well. So, overall I hope to see improvement in my organization during the discussions, I could do this by allowing the other person to talk and also waiting until my turn to speak, with these things in mind I honestly believe that growth can be seen in response to this problem.

O Que Eu Quero Ser Quando Crescer - SLC PFLD Artifact

     Over the last week I have been working on a very interesting and culminating project in PFLD. It was, the What I Want To Be When I Grow project, which started off as a small activity and ended up to teach me a whole lot of things. After going on a website that asked me questions regarding what occupation I should be I wrote this small paper on what I personally think my occupation will be. After fully completing the project I looked back to my past PFL projects and saw the great amount of growth I had gone through especially in grammar. This sole paper revealed to me that since September I really have become a better PFL student.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Teen Challenges Final Heath Reflection - SLC PHE Artifact

1. What do you think are the most intense challenges for teens in Grade 8?

      I believe that probably the most difficult or challenging problem that teens have during 8th grade is probably body image. I believe this primarily because all of the girls and some boys talk a whole lot about the way they look and what other people think about them. This affects relationships and peer bonding making it in-turn one of the must difficult challenges teens in 8th grade must face.

2. How can we deal with pressures/expectations to have a certain body image, or to fit in, or to handle our friendships or engage in dating relationships? 

Well, we can ignore peer pressure and do "our own thing" so to speak. One of the most challenging things for a teen to learn is the fact that being different is ok and that if you are different than your friend you shouldn't feel bad. This is a challenge that many teens face in their day-to day lives, and it must be overcome.

SLC Reflection

     Over the past 3.5 weeks I have been taking the interesting and culminating class known as Health, and I can honestly say my performance, listening, and overall skill in the topic have improved tenfold. I can truthfully say that I have truly begun o immerse myself in the topics of health, and teen relationships so that I am more prepared for future courses and experiences. I chose this artifact because it was rally the last in-class assignment that we had, making it an overall sum of the class. Also, this can show some of the knowledge that I have gained throughout Ms. Roy's lessons, which if you compare with  my previous knowledge is much greater. I really hope that I am able to improve much more as I ascend into high-school so I can get as much out of the class possible.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Geography 8 Test - SLC Geography Artifact

One of My Biggest Challenges Yet

This year I feel as if Geography has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding classes I've had this year. I love Geography, and I felt that throughout the course so far there are challenges you will have to face, probably my biggest challenge was the Unit Test. Every time I thought about it I was afraid I wouldn't do well but I noticed after I got it back that this was a perfect reflection of the effort I put into it. When I saw that I had received full credit it was a feeling of true satisfaction, I studied, produced, and performed my knowledge to the best of my ability and I believe the grade I got was the grade I deserved. So, I hope that as the year comes to an end I put as much effort into every Geography assignment so I can produce insightful, well thought-out material and receive the grade I deserve for it.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Grade 8 Health Eating Disorders Activity

Joanna is one of the top athletes at the school.  She plays volleyball, football and futsal.  She always goes to practice at school, and each evening she also goes running for an hour.  On the weekends, she plays a sport with her brothers for 2-3 hours per day.  She eats regular meals, but sometimes, if she eats a meal and then goes to play a sport, she feels nauseous and throws up.  Sometimes, if she has eaten a big meal, but needs to go to practice soon after, she makes herself vomit, so she doesn’t feel uncomfortable with a full stomach during the game.  Joanna wants to make sure she maintains a good body weight and weighs herself every second day.  She is also very preoccupied by how much and what she eats.  Every few months she goes to the doctor and dentist for regular check-ups.  Both the doctor and dentist were worried about Joanna and spoke to her mother. The doctor was worried, because Joanna had not had a menstrual cycle in 5 months.  Her dentist was also worried, because he had noticed that the enamel on her teeth was thin and that she had some swelling in her mouth.  Her mother spoke to Joanna about this, but Joanna said to her mother, not to worry, lots of athletes don’t have menstrual cycles when they are training hard.  She also said she would try and brush her teeth more in order to protect her teeth enamel.  Her mother is still worried.

1) What physical signs of an eating disorder is Joanna developing? Well, Joanna is developing two eating disorders; Bulimia and Anorexia Nervosa. Some signs that can indicate this for us is the fact that she not only tends to over-exercise but she also forces herself to vomit so she doesn't feel uncomfortable during her activities. The physical signs that she is developing are swelling of the mouth, teeth enamel loss, extreme thinness (anorexia).

2) What emotional/mental/behavioral signs of an eating disorder is Joanna developing? Aside from physical characteristics Joanna is also developing emotional signs that indicate potential eating disorders. These are: preoccupation with body weight, intense fear of becoming fat, and difficulty expressing feelings, such as when she spoke to her mother.

3) What eating disorder do you think she has? Due to the indications given in the previous questions I have concluded that Joanna has Bulimia and may develop Anorexia Nervosa if she continues these eating patterns.

4) What other signs of the eating disorder (not mentioned in the story) could you look out for? Well, you could look for self esteem, meaning does she value herself, also her ability to socialize, does she socially isolate herself. These types of indicators can also be signs if a potential eating disorder.

5) What can Joanna’s mother do to get help? Well, to start off Joanna's mother could begin by being in contact with both a nutritionist and a pyshcologist in order to find a health lifestyle, mindset, and eating habit for Joanna. Then she could probably attend an anonymous group to talk about the way Joanna feels. And last she could also support Joanna by encouraging her to stay healthy and not to take part n bulimic actions, with all these thing in mind it is truly possible for Joanna's mom to help her in her fight against eating disorders.

Alchemist Discussion 2 Reflection

Video 1: Clip of a Strength That I Demonstrated

      In this clip I am shown quoting parts of the novel and stating specific occurrences to fortify the point I'm making. I also ask questions to my partners such as "what do you guys think", this will help the overall discussion a lot and is something that I have improved since the first discussion. Furthermore, I listened to my group and actually stopped to hear what they had to say, I tried my best not to interrupt, and I allowed everyone to have a fair turn speaking. To finalize I think I think I have improved a lot on allowing others to speak, at the beginning this was a challenge, but now I am more open to other's ideas and allow them to get their ideas out without interrupting them.

Video 2: Clip of an Area I Can Improve On

     In this clip I am found doing exactly the opposite of the first clip, here the most obvious mistake we as a group made as definitely, interruption. I think this is probably my most difficult challenge while discussing because there are time when I have such good information I can't control myself. In this video especially I am seen talking over my partners and attempting to "take the floor." This is definitely something I can improve on by not only allowing others to speak, but by waiting until others finish speaking. Next time instead of abruptly attempting to speak I can wait and listen to my partners and speak when it's my turn.

My One Plan: To make my final discussion the best discussion possible there is one major issue that I must build upon and improve on. That one thing is giving others a chance to speak, this is one thing that is a challenge for me because, as an MUN-er I very much enjoy speaking and bringing thoughtful points to the table, I think by giving others a chance I can not only improve the quality of my points but also the quality of the conversation as a whole. y following this one plan and improving on allowing people to speak, I truly think that our last discussion will be the best one of the three.