Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Experience Living Biblically

Francisco M.

Humanities 3/8

December 8, 2013

My Days Living Biblically

Take a moment, close your eyes and imagine wearing a plain white robe for three days, this was once my task. If I had to describe my experience living biblically for three days it would be, simply unforgettable! It has been my complete honor in having participated in this experiment and right away I knew I should have done it. Since the beginning, when our teacher assigned the experiment and gave the options, I clearly knew which one to choose, living biblically. Although many told me that this was going to be difficult I had to persevere and truly find my inner holiness. As a catholic I was naturally attracted to this option because I wanted to feel how it really was to be a prophet and follow the bible literally, even if it has only for a few days.

The first task I undertook was the obtainment of a robe, and as difficult as this sounds it really wasn’t, my grandmother and mother went shopping one day and found the smallest most obscure vestment shop in the whole city and finally found the perfect priestly robe for me. The next day was my first, I had both my robe and my backpack, and as embarrassed as I was at the time I also felt kind of cool so to speak. The rest of the day was pretty easy, I got through all my classes, lunch, and recess and finally was on my way home. Day two and three were also quite easy with a few minor setbacks such as stubbing my toe on a concrete step and not being able to eat my mom’s famous pork.

At the end of my experiment a learned a great many things, I learned that a man can spend an entire day without lying easily and that he is better off in the world being honest. Two, that I will probably never wear sandals again, this is probably because I simply find it annoying to be open-toed and also I detest stubbing my toes! And three, that it isn’t so bad to live biblically, as the days progressed I honestly learned to love the idea, and when it came to an end I really missed it a whole lot.

If I could ever do this experiment again, which I definitely would, I would do the following things differently: firstly I would be careful and try not to spill anything on my robe, this will save me not only time but water from the washing machine as well. Secondly I will try to take things, from the bible, a little more literally meaning that I would probably start by reading the bible. I would try not to wear mixed-fibers etc. And lastly I would purchase better sandals! Throughout my experiment I wore the worst flip-flops you could imagine so buying new one would have helped a whole lot.
And to finish my overall lecture and lesson after completing this project is: that religion is a huge book, people learn from it daily. So take advantage of this, learn from religion, use it, and cherish it.