Thursday, November 28, 2013

Unit 3 Summative - Reflection

To be perfectly honest with all the readers out there, I was very very happy with my grade on this unit's summative test. I feel as if I my score was an honest reflection of my preparation and readiness in the subject. The tools I used to study for this test (build-your-own-studyguide, Science educational videos, etc.) really brought me far and truly allowed me to receive the grade that I did. On this test, overall, I feel that I did better than most other tests I've taken this year in science (my score being 86%) this is due, again, to the amount of preparation and time I took to study the night before. So, overall I am very happy with my score and I feel as if I really did receive the score I earned.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Experimental Project (Science) Reflection #2

I was honestly quite disappointed with my final grade one the experimental project this quarter. As was said in the rubric we need to improve our ideas of critical thinking ideas in the analysis and the conclusion. Although this made me a little sad I could honestly understand how and why the teacher graded it this way. In keeping the rubric we can see what we can improve on the next experimental project.