Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ms. Kagohara and Ms. Moraes: The Minds Behind the Magic.

In this post I will be thanking the two teachers that made our Silent Film and Psycho movie show such a success. They truly worked hard to prepare us for the orchestra concert and after many days of filming and post-production, the hard-working Ms. Kagohara finished, edited, and directed the final product, which turned out great! Now that we finished our silent film unit we are moving on to the suspense unit. We initiated the unit by watching an Alfred Hitchcock classic, Psycho. After our two class "watching period" we are beginning to immerse into the world of suspense, and this is all led by the fantastic Ms. Moraes. Right now she is preparing us for our silent film production which should really be based off of Psycho. 
I think the production will go great only because of our fantastic teachers and how they will lead us into the world of acting and directing, two of some of my favorite things to do. And throughout the year we will continue to produce wonderful, fantastic films with great acting and phenomenal directing, all lead by Ms. Kagohara and Ms. Moraes: The Minds Behind the Magic.

To Ms. K: This is the movie I was talking about:

The reason for this blog.

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  1. Thanks for this fantastic post, with so many fantastic words :)
    Thanks for sharing the other movie, I'll make sure my future students don't mix up the stories, and end up having to create blog posts about me... :)