Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Experience Living Biblically

Francisco M.

Humanities 3/8

December 8, 2013

My Days Living Biblically

Take a moment, close your eyes and imagine wearing a plain white robe for three days, this was once my task. If I had to describe my experience living biblically for three days it would be, simply unforgettable! It has been my complete honor in having participated in this experiment and right away I knew I should have done it. Since the beginning, when our teacher assigned the experiment and gave the options, I clearly knew which one to choose, living biblically. Although many told me that this was going to be difficult I had to persevere and truly find my inner holiness. As a catholic I was naturally attracted to this option because I wanted to feel how it really was to be a prophet and follow the bible literally, even if it has only for a few days.

The first task I undertook was the obtainment of a robe, and as difficult as this sounds it really wasn’t, my grandmother and mother went shopping one day and found the smallest most obscure vestment shop in the whole city and finally found the perfect priestly robe for me. The next day was my first, I had both my robe and my backpack, and as embarrassed as I was at the time I also felt kind of cool so to speak. The rest of the day was pretty easy, I got through all my classes, lunch, and recess and finally was on my way home. Day two and three were also quite easy with a few minor setbacks such as stubbing my toe on a concrete step and not being able to eat my mom’s famous pork.

At the end of my experiment a learned a great many things, I learned that a man can spend an entire day without lying easily and that he is better off in the world being honest. Two, that I will probably never wear sandals again, this is probably because I simply find it annoying to be open-toed and also I detest stubbing my toes! And three, that it isn’t so bad to live biblically, as the days progressed I honestly learned to love the idea, and when it came to an end I really missed it a whole lot.

If I could ever do this experiment again, which I definitely would, I would do the following things differently: firstly I would be careful and try not to spill anything on my robe, this will save me not only time but water from the washing machine as well. Secondly I will try to take things, from the bible, a little more literally meaning that I would probably start by reading the bible. I would try not to wear mixed-fibers etc. And lastly I would purchase better sandals! Throughout my experiment I wore the worst flip-flops you could imagine so buying new one would have helped a whole lot.
And to finish my overall lecture and lesson after completing this project is: that religion is a huge book, people learn from it daily. So take advantage of this, learn from religion, use it, and cherish it.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Unit 3 Summative - Reflection

To be perfectly honest with all the readers out there, I was very very happy with my grade on this unit's summative test. I feel as if I my score was an honest reflection of my preparation and readiness in the subject. The tools I used to study for this test (build-your-own-studyguide, Science educational videos, etc.) really brought me far and truly allowed me to receive the grade that I did. On this test, overall, I feel that I did better than most other tests I've taken this year in science (my score being 86%) this is due, again, to the amount of preparation and time I took to study the night before. So, overall I am very happy with my score and I feel as if I really did receive the score I earned.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Experimental Project (Science) Reflection #2

I was honestly quite disappointed with my final grade one the experimental project this quarter. As was said in the rubric we need to improve our ideas of critical thinking ideas in the analysis and the conclusion. Although this made me a little sad I could honestly understand how and why the teacher graded it this way. In keeping the rubric we can see what we can improve on the next experimental project.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ms. Kagohara and Ms. Moraes: The Minds Behind the Magic.

In this post I will be thanking the two teachers that made our Silent Film and Psycho movie show such a success. They truly worked hard to prepare us for the orchestra concert and after many days of filming and post-production, the hard-working Ms. Kagohara finished, edited, and directed the final product, which turned out great! Now that we finished our silent film unit we are moving on to the suspense unit. We initiated the unit by watching an Alfred Hitchcock classic, Psycho. After our two class "watching period" we are beginning to immerse into the world of suspense, and this is all led by the fantastic Ms. Moraes. Right now she is preparing us for our silent film production which should really be based off of Psycho. 
I think the production will go great only because of our fantastic teachers and how they will lead us into the world of acting and directing, two of some of my favorite things to do. And throughout the year we will continue to produce wonderful, fantastic films with great acting and phenomenal directing, all lead by Ms. Kagohara and Ms. Moraes: The Minds Behind the Magic.

To Ms. K: This is the movie I was talking about:

The reason for this blog.

Science: Quarter 2 Test

    As my first test of the second quarter I am pretty happy with the grade that I earned. In comparison with last quarter's test I think this quarter's test had a better overall grade, and I truly think the extra studying taken in this quarter helped drastically improve my grade. I think that it does quite reflect my performance and studying for this time frame. But, as always there is something to improve, for me I think I should take more time to actually look over the test after having finished it. Also, I could have researched a little bit on material that I didn't really understand or didn't comprehend. This could have truly enhanced the grade I earned, although I am happy with it.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

PHE Artifact: Unit Test "A"

    In my PHE class this year I would like to share my first test in health class on the systems of the body. I chose this as my artifact because this highly impacted my grade, it took me from a 90% to a 98% which very much improved my grade in PHE as a whole. But, this isn't only about health, this year in P.E. I would like to improve a lot more in my stamina related skills such as running, jogging, high jumps etc. So in turn this is one class that I am quite proud about this year but for the rest of the year I must keep improving an making myself better at the sport or activity.

French 1 Artifact: 100% Spell Check

    For my French 1 class this year I chose to do a spell check quiz that I did very well on as my artifact. I chose this artifact because I think that as French is my 4th language, to me, this is quite an accomplishment. I thought that this was difficult to do because French can get easily mixed with Spanish and other latin american languages so vocabulary and grammar can get very difficult. This year (since it is a year long class) I want to at least learn how to speak the language, and although I have advanced quite a bit I want to persevere and try to accomplish my goal.

Acting for the Camera Artifact: Digital Video Combined Production

    This is my artifact for my 2013 Acting for the Camera class, it is a video we created with the digital video team as a combined production. I chose this because, really, it was the beginning of my acting career in the class. It was the first production we ever made in the class and, to me, it turned out very well. Today, we are working on another combined production with the Digital Video team for an orchestra concert. Hopefully I will advance throughout the semester and lean the many tricks and tips of acting that I am sure the teacher(s) have to offer.

Math Artifact: Accelerated Math

    My artifact for math class this year is my Accelerated Math™objectives mastered. I am proud of this because I can honestly say it was very difficult to get an A. I think this because the way it works is after every test the material gets a little more difficult than the last one, by the time you are at 28 objectives it is gets very hard with things like plotting and ordered pairs. But I think that accelerated math has very much added to my knowledge and understanding of the study of math.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Portuguese Artifact: Sinopse de um Filme

Duração: 157 Minutos
Censura: +14 Anos
Gênero: Fantasia
Cotação: ****
Mais Informações: de Mike Newell (Harry Potter
E o Cálice de Fogo, EUA/ Inglaterra 2005)
Este ano vem uma outra continuação da série fantasiosa do Harry Potter. E como sempre Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) rouba a cena estudando muito no seu quarto ano na Escola Hogwarts. Mas no fim nem ele tinha percebido que batalharia  contra o senhor das trevas Lord Voldemort (Ralph Finneas). Como muitos dos filmes do Harry Potter a direção foi feito perfeitamente pelo diretor com muito experiéncia, ele já tinha dirigido muitos filmes como “O Príncipe de Persia” Mike Newell, que faz o filme mais fantasioso e cheio de magia. Depois de ter tido partes assustadores o filme fica um pouquinho mais triste, com  mortes e o retorno de um vilão tenebroso. Um filme muito interessante que te faz você querer mais do Harry Potter!
Isso daqui e a minha sinopse sobre o filme Harry Potter e o Cálice de Fogo. Eu acho que isso representa todas as coisas que já fiz em Português porque eu trabalhei muito para faze-la ficar perfeita. E escolhi este filme porque eu já tinha visto muitas vezes e eu achava que poderia fazer uma sinopse adequada. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Science Artifact: States of Matter Project

This is my (and my partner's) chart for the 2013 States of matter Challenge project that we did before CWW. I am extremely proud of this because for all the hours of experimenting that me and my partner put in to the project. I think that this properly represents my improvement in science because of the final 85 we got.

Humanities Artifact #2: Mosaic Poster

   Well, here it is the final product of all the hard work put in to the mosaic project of 2013. I modeled my poster after the 1850-60 Confederate flag in the U.S. I can honestly say that it's like nothing I had ever done before, I mean I'd never before modeled anything after a flag. It was a fantastic experience of hard-work and pride, but I think the final product looks very good and has come out the way I wanted it too. Overall I can truly say all the hours of cutting , gluing, and printing payed off.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Humanities Artifact #1: TIB

I think this is a clear reflection of my work in humanities so far. This shows, I think, how I truly give thought in my assignments and projects. This took me quite I while to record, but every time I recorded I took my time to make it right. The end result, to me was pretty good and the music truly supports what is said in my podcast.

    1 thing I could improve on in humanities is my "reaction time." To me, I think I take a whole lot of time to get ready after a teacher has explained and/or  assigned something. Next quarter I think I could try to work faster, better, and more efficiently.